I’m Kohei, an aspiring Astronaut passionate about space, exploration, and sharing my experiences with others!

  • The Importance of Physical Fitness
    As you may know, maintaining physical fitness is very important for astronauts. According to NASA, “Exercise is an important part of the daily routine of astronauts aboard the station…” (NASA Exercising in […]
  • Inspiring Books for Pursuing your Dreams
    On my journey as an aspiring astronaut, I have had a lot of physical training: pilot training, scuba training, survival training… But there is great importance in training your mind. This can […]
  • Top 5 Space Movies for Aspiring Astronauts to Watch
    Are you a space-lover and a movie connoisseur? Well, this is the spot for you! Here are some fun space movies to watch…
  • Why Failure is the Perfect Life Lesson
    As humans, we loathe failure. Failure is a form of pain, and it is an instinct to protect ourselves from experiencing pain. Oftentimes, we take the easy way out and don’t try […]
  • Why You Need to Learn a New Hobby + 10 Ideas to Try
    It’s the start of a new year, and also the best time to try new things! One of the best ways to try new things is by picking up a new hobby.
  • How to be more Environmentally Conscious in 2022
    While being environmentally conscious can be difficult, it is important to be mindful of the decisions we make that affect the planet.
  • Top 5 Gift Ideas for Space Lovers
    Since the holidays are right around the corner, I thought it would be a good time to highlight some gifts that would be welcomed by any aspiring astronaut or lover of the […]
  • The Benefits of Resting and Calming Your Mind
    Life can get pretty stressful at times, which is why rest should be such an important part of life. You may be wondering, why rest when there is always so much to get done? Well, there are many benefits and reasons why you should rest. 
  • A Guide to JAXA Astronaut Selection Process
    It’s finally here! After thirteen years, JAXA announced the application for the upcoming astronaut selection process on their website.
  • Using the Scientific Method in Everyday Life
    Curiosity is a very important aspect of my life. One of the ways that I foster curiosity is by keeping an open mind and solving new problems. Whenever I am facing a […]

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