Being confident is not something that comes easily. It is something you have to work at consistently. Here are my top three ways to become more confident in yourself. These are based on my personal experience and perspective on the world.

1. When it comes to being confident, allow yourself to enjoy coincidental encounters 

Sometimes, coincidental encounters may feel serendipitous. Serendipity is defined as “the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.” My motto is to enjoy coincidental encounters and let myself float in a big wave. Live in the ebbs and flows of life. Our life cannot be controllable given the profoundness of the universe. Just accepting the destiny and letting myself enjoy every moment.

My personal motto has allowed me to feel more confident in not only myself, but the universe as well. When we give up a little bit of  allow yourself to just be, this is when you find true peace and confidence. 

2. Let your pure curiosity guide you to venture out of your comfort zone 

When I am my most confident, it is usually because I am venturing out of my comfort zone. Yes, this can be a scary experience and we may try to hide from any discomfort that comes with this feeling. However, we cannot let that feeling deter us from having new experiences. It is best to view this new challenge or experience with curiosity and excitement, instead of fear. Once we shift our perspective, it becomes a thrilling adventure!

You can venture out of your comfort zone multiple ways: it can be by picking up a new hobby, joining a club at school that you’ve always wanted to try, or taking a class that may be challenging. The first time you consciously decide to venture  out of your comfort zone, it can be quite scary. But the more you face discomfort, the easier the feeling becomes. Discomfort is like a muscle we need to exercise. For me, I am facing discomfort during my survival trainings.

How to be more confident

In my opinion, pure confidence can only be attained through pure curiosity that is unique to each individual. Once you are really interested in something, you do not even have to make an effort to work on it. It just comes naturally. You do not even need to care about commitments, since you are free from “effort” in that kind of situation. It is indeed a more authentic and powerful guidance for your future journey, which automatically leads you out of your comfort zone.

When we look at these uncomfortable situations with curiosity, we begin to feel more confident in ourselves and handling new situations. You begin to feel at ease internally, even if the situation at hand is stressful. Next time you find yourself looking at a situation with fear, I ask you to change your perspective to one of curiosity. 

3. Ask yourself what your values are and your calling is, then create a personal motto.

Your calling can only be discovered by looking back on your life and focusing on what you have been interested in and what you want to do in the future. Your calling may come from your family background, childhood memory, and pure curiosity that you have valued the most. Always stick with your journey, then you will surely find your calling.

Knowing your calling and your values reinforces who you are as a person. Here is a list of values you can choose from. Pick between 3-5 values that you resonate with, then circle them or write them down. 

Pick three of these values

Lastly, write down a personal motto. This usually aligns with your calling. According to author of “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” Stephen Covey, this personal motto “is a declaration of an individual’s purpose and path in life, emphasizing what is truly important to him or her.” After writing down your core values and interests, it will be easier to draft up a personal mission statement.

An example of a mission statement is as follows:

 “Using my values of creativity & authenticity, I will inspire others to pursue their own passions and dreams.”

To fill out your own Confidence Worksheet, click here. Once you fill it out, hang it up somewhere where you will see it often. This will be a good reminder to find serendipity, stay curious, and remember your personal motto.