After going apartment searching in San Francisco this past July, I decided to take a nature trip to explore great nature. Because I am currently living in the US, I want to leverage this opportunity of exploring all the nature there is to offer here. Eventually, I would love to explore more places within the US – like Alaska.

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Places visited:  

📍 San Fran

📍 Grand Canyon 

📍 Monument Valley

📍 Sedona 

📍 Moab Arches

📍 Bryce Canyon

Coexistence with great nature has been a theme of my life. I was born and grew up in a very rural area in Japan. I really like to appreciate nature very often, and every time I come to this kind of place, I always have a sense that great nature is magnificent and human beings are very tiny. When I was visiting the Grand Canyon, it  reminded me of an important lesson that we belong to great nature. Places like these have existed for millions and millions of years, even before our ancestors were born. Very calm, stable, and no change. We cannot beat nature. We cannot overcome nature.

Next time you find yourself in nature, I ask you to focus on these three things:

Disconnect in Nature

Try to stay away from being on your phone or texting. Disconnect and feel the peace sweep in. I notice whenever I turn my phone off, I feel more connected with my surroundings.

Reflect in Nature

Find a spot with a nice view. For me, it was at the top of the Grand Canyon early in the morning. The world felt still. I took time to reflect on my life and the importance of nature. This reflection can be a very meditative process. I feel thankful for the moments I had here.

Appreciate & Give Thanks for Nature

While walking through the beautiful scenery, I took time to appreciate all that I saw. I gave thanks to all those who came before me and had taken care of the land where I was. I gave thanks that I was able to be there in that moment and that I had future moments ahead of me.

What is your favorite nature place to visit? Let me know in the comments. If you are interested in checking out any of my other YouTube videos, check out my page here.